Photo Chlorinator Reactor

The science of photochemistry is based on the interaction of molecules with quanta of light to produce unique

molecular changes. The benefits of photo- chemistry are high yields and simplicity of control.

Photochemical systems are ideal for “free radical” reaction mechanism.

Applications are:

• Halogenations of organic compounds
• Production of primary mercaptans
• Oxidations
• Isomerizations
• Polymerizations
• Photolysis of toxic wastes

The products of industrial photo- chemical reactions are agricultural chemicals, intermediates, capro- lactam, and

vitamin D, among other substances. Photochemistry is also used in the curing (polymerization) of specially formulated

printing inks and coatings.

LELESIL has introduced the totally- packaged photochemical reactor system to simplify installation and increase operating efficiency, A photochemical reactor system consists of four elements:

1) The ultraviolet source;

2) Support Equipment& Frame Work;

3) Digital Lamp Controllers / Power supply;


4) Electrical Cable controls.


Capacity 10 – 200liters
Material Borosil Glass
Max Pressure 0-3 kg
Max Temperature 180 DEGS