• Water Splitting
  • Dyes Degradation
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Photolysis Reactions
  • Chemical Testing using UV as Catalyst.

    Photo chemical Reactions:

    • Micro Scale Reactor: Capacity 10 ml 100 ml
    • Lab Scale Reactors: Capacity 150 ml 8 Liters
    • Pilot Plat Reactors: Capacity 10 Liters 200 Liters

      Complete Unit Consists of:

      • Imported Lamps: UV, UV VIS, Xenon Lamps

        Stirring Assembly:

        • Magnetic Stirrers
        • Over Head Agitators with
        • Teflon Coated Pitched Blades


Capacity 200ml
Material QUARTZ
Max Pressure VACUUM
Max Temperature 180 DEGS
Country of Origin Made in India


LELESIL offer a Complete Range of UV Grade Photo Chemical Reactors, Complete Quartz & Quartz / Quartz & Borosilicate For: