Pilot Photo Reactor

·         200 L Batch Quadra Non-Jacketed Reactor with bottom Drain Flexi Design with Glass – SS Shell for Heating Cooling Arrangement

·         PTFE Multi Port Lid with Thermowell, Gas In, Gas Out, TRIO Lamp, Liquid Addition Port, Solid Addition Ports.

·         Mag Drive Zero Seal Design with Cermic Seals and cooling Arrangement with Sunwick Seal with Rotating Shaft

·         Twin Layered PBT Teflon- SS 316 Shear Agitator

·         Geared Motor  100-300 Rpm Max Suitable for Jacketed Glass

·         Delta USA Speed Controller with VFR Controller

·         Quartz Internal Loop with Lamp Temp Max Above 60 Degs +/-5 Degs

·        Thermocouple Sensor with Pid Indicator  0 – 200 degs External Supported Frame Safety Cabinet with Motor Mount with Flexi Lid


Capacity <1 KL
Material Grade High Grade Quartz-Pyrex Glass
Mixing Arrangement Agitator
Max Pressure 0-3 kg
Max Temperature 150 Degs
Automation Grade Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India