Sun Simulator Xenon Light

Xenon lamp light source:

Xenon lamp light source can realize high energy density, long time continuous irradiation.

Combine with all sorts of filter as various methods, to realize the narrow waveband catalyst

improvement effect evaluation and broad waveband overall catalytic effect evaluation.


This product can cooperate with various reactor (system), to analysis solid, liquid, and gas

phases in online and offline experiment.

Main features:

1.” Lelesil “ make XER 300W Xenon Lamp Special Power Supply.

2. Light box and cooling block.

3. Steering head and Light filter device.

4. Transmission – reflection type filter

5. The original imported XE-LIS 300W xenon lamp.

6. Equipped with SS lifting Table.

7. External interface of optical feedback on the control box , increase the optical feedback

circuit and the stability of the light.


Technical parameters

1. Lamp bulb power: 300W (imported).

2. Power adjusting range: 150 ~ 300W continuous adjustable.

3. Lamp bulb life: no less than 1500 h (full power operation).

4. Maximum current: 22A.

5.Total light power: 50 w.

6. Parallel light spot diameter: 30 ~ 52 mm (according to the shot distance).

7. Parallel light divergence Angle: the average 6 °. 8. Cooling methods: import metal fan + metal cooling block.

9. Light collection methods: ellipsoid total reflection

10. Optical window diameter: 24.0 mm (round spot)

11. Work spot diameter: 40-52 mm (round spot)

12. Light output form: horizontal, vertical irradiation or arbitrary Angle exposure (along the

optical axis can be free rotation)

13. Incident 45 degrees to the vertical downward (also can level exposure)

14. Infrared transmission: transmission rate ≥ 80%, wavelength range: 800 nm – 1100 nm

15. Visible reflection: reflectivity ≥95%, wavelength range: 350 nm – 780 nm

16. Optical filter placed positon: yes, diameter for 52 mm

17. Standard configuration: special 300


Power Voltage 230V
Usage/Application RESEARCH
Brightness 1 SUN
Display Digital
Light Source Type Xenon
Country of Origin Made in India



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