Thin Film Reactor

“LELESIL” Make thin film reactor is designed and best suited for irradiations of Mirco & Small volumes of

reactant ranging from 50ml to 1000ml and/or concentrated solutions where radiation only penetrates a

fraction of a mm. The reactant solution is pumped from reservoir through a glass jet and thin film of liquid

falls under gravity over quartz or borosilicate closed tube. A low pressure mercury lamp is Mounted inside

this tube ensures even irradiation of this falling film. By Reversing the flow direction the reactor may be

used for irradiation of 5 mm path-length of solution in a conventional flow reactor arrangement.

There Are two Methods of Creating Thin Films

1) Rotating the Liquid at Desired Speed to create thing film for maximum exposure of Product

2) Micro Capillary tube design in which Liquid is forced using s Peristaltic Pump with desired volume which could be 20ml – upto 1000ml with choice of direction of flow using controller


Capacity <1 KL
Material Borosil Glass
Max Pressure 0-3 kg
Max Temperature 180 DEGS
Country of Origin Made in India